private Chef dinner

We are passionate hosts with the goal to maintain the highest standard of quality and to exceed our customer’s expectations. We think that there is nothing more authentic than enjoying the good company of friends and family over a meal. And, it is all the better when you do not have to do all the work!

From traditional cuisines like French and Italian, to things a little more exotic like Peruvian or Caribbean – our chefs can create a menu according to your wishes and taste. In the private setting of our penthouse suite you can have your personalised menu served both banquet style and individually plated.

Together with our experienced chefs, we are happy to create party menus according to your ideas. From multi-course menus to exquisite tasting menus and exclusive show cooking, where the artful presentation of the kitchen seems almost too beautiful to eat, we are happy to cater to all of your wishes.

DO & CO Hotel